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  1. Hacking, warez, cracks, betting, gambling and illegal broadcasting sites,
  2. Erotic and porn content sites,
  3. Sex, 18+ content sites,
  4. Design and content sites with stolen
  5. Politics, religion and sport-sided sites,
  6. Design websites that are unfinished,
  7. Design and content sites with insufficient,,
  8. Wrong category or multiple categories are added to the site,
  9. Repeatedly adding the same address,
  10. Site owners email address is absent or incorrect applications,

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be approved by the site editor, who apply the rules and quality of sites that do not comply with our policy without notice clearly stated that we would like to rejection. When you make application for registration in our system associated with Linkerpage or industry-based advertising will be deemed to have agreed to receive e-mail. Given approval by our editors confirmation mail will be sent to the site.

Even if your site requirements to be eligible for some reasons your site may not be approved by our editors in these cases, your site meets our guidelines, please do not edit the parts.

Insertion site after the application for the approval of your site you will have to add the code to your site.
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